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Since 2009, FluiDyna has been one of the 16 "Tesla Preferred Providers" in the Europea.
However, what exactly does this mean?
To learn more about "Tesla", "TPP", "Fermi" and "GeForce", please click one of the items below.

What are "Tesla™" and "GeForce"?

"Tesla™" is the name of the current NVIDIA supercomputing model line for the professional segment. As opposed to the "GeForce" model line which was created to serve the needs of the consumer segment, the "Tesla™" model line is comprised of products which were developed specifically for highly scientific computations with supercomputers.

What does "TPP" stand for?

In 2009, FluiDyna became an "NVIDIA TPP" - as mentioned above, there are at present only 16 TPPs in Europe. What does this mean for our customers?
They directly profit from FluiDyna‘s excellent relationship with NVIDIA. In a support case, lead times are very short, for instance.

Why "Tesla™" instead of "GeForce"?

Customers often ask whether it is possible to use "GeForce" instead of "Tesla™" cards for solving specific tasks as "GeForce" costs only one tenth of "Tesla™".

The answer is a definite "no". "GeForce" products belong to NVIDIA's consumer model line and are primarily intended for games etc. However, the "Tesla™" model line was created for scientific computations.
The following tables explain the differences between "Tesla™" and "GeForce" in detail - and illustrate why only "Tesla™" cards are suitable for dealing with the large amounts of data in scientific computing.