Sports-Car Aerodynamics

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Aerodynamic analysis for a middle-engine sports car

The idea of a two-seated central-engine sports car emerged in 2007. Vehicle development experts, automotive enthusiasts and  entrepreneurs with a soft spot for cars aimed at re-interpreting the roadster segment. For the aerodynamic analysis, Roding brought our experts into their team.

The Roding has got a removable hard top. It is made primarily out of carbon fibre composite materials and therefore very light. In conjunction with a powerful engine (>300 HP), the driving performance is exciting. An excellent chassis provides drivers with a real "go-cart feeling".

These driving characteristics are supplemented by the Roding's exceptional design. In particular its exposed wheels are one of the car's highlights.

Bringing in their know-how, our experts worked on the aerodynamic streamlining and finishing. Low driving resistance and high aerodynamic downforce are decisive criteria for high end speeds and curve speeds which is why we developed various additional features such as spoilers and splitters. In addition, we worked on the design of the underbody.

We used numerical methods in order to optimize the measures in terms of aerodynamics.

Furthermore, we succeeded in making sure that the engine could always be sufficiently cooled without having to compromise in terms of aerodynamics. Keeping in mind that the Roding is a highly-demanding sports car, this proved to be particularly challenging.