NVIDIA Corporation

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NVIDIA Corporation, the inventor of the Graphics Processing Unit and developer of the specific NVIDIA CUDA™ technology.
The CUDA™ technology is the only C programming environment which harnesses the power of the Graphics Processing Unit, thus enabling parallel computing (GPU computing).

Since 2009, FluiDyna started as a "Tesla Preferred Provider (TPP)“ and therefore as a official sales partner for NVIDIA‘s Tesla products.

Since April 2016 ‐ FluiDyna GmbH, has achieved the Elite Solution Provider status in the NVIDIA Partner Network program. The recognition distinguishes FluiDyna as one of NVIDIA’s top partners for accelerated computing. The company is the only one in Central Europe with this status. This is why the award is particularly worthy of mention and why we are very proud of it.

Due to the close relationship with NVIDIA, we are able to provide our customers excellent conditions, including an extended support, services as well as profound information, for NVIDIA products. Moreover, we can inform our clients very early about new NVIDIA products and technologies.The Elite Solution Provider status gives FluiDyna access to the newest NVIDIA technologies. With our new status, we can offer our customers a high availability of products.

The NVIDIA Elite Solution Provider Status in Accelerated Computing competency recognizes partners who design, deploy, and support parallel computing, HPC (high performance computing), and other accelerated computing markets such as big data processing/analytics. It includes NVIDIA Tesla GPU accelerators, NVLink™ interconnect technology, the CUDA® parallel computing platform, and PGI technologies. The designation is a result of annual revenue performance and successfully completing the NVIDIA Accelerated Computing training requirements.

Summing up, as a NVIDIA Elite Solution Provider we are able to guarantee our customers to benefit from great support and a short track to NVIDIA.