NVIDIA® DGX-2™ - Now available at FluiDyna


NVIDIA® DGX-2™ - Now available at FluiDyna

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The NVIDIA® DGX-2™ system can be ordered at FluiDyna GmbH. It is already available on the German market and we shipped and installed the first machine on 26th October 2018!

Experience new levels of AI speed and scale with NVIDIA® DGX-2™, the first 2 petaFLOPS system that combines 16 fully interconnected GPUs for 10X the deep learning performance. This is enough to replace 300 dual-CPU servers in today's hyperscale datacenters. It’s powered by NVIDIA® DGX™ software and a scalable architecture built on NVIDIA NVSwitch, so you can take on the world’s most complex AI challenges.

With DGX-2, model complexity and size are no longer constrained by the limits of traditional architectures. Now, you can take advantage of model-parallel training with the NVIDIA NVSwitch networking fabric. It’s the innovative technology behind the world’s first 2-petaFLOPS GPU accelerator with 2.4 TB/s of bisection bandwidth, delivering a 24X increase over prior generations.

Interested? See our DGX-2 product page and contact us!