nanoFluidX test drive on the cloud


nanoFluidX test drive on the cloud

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FluiDyna GmbH provides a 48-hour free trial for nanoFluidX using Amazon Web Services. nanoFluidX is a particle-based fluid dynamics simulation tool developed by FluiDyna that predicts the flow in complex geometries with complex motion.

The trial is ideal for engineers and designers that are interested in simulating complex computational fluid dynamics (CFD) geometries where sloshing and oiling effects are important. Examples include improving the oil flow in engine crankcases, gearboxes, and transmissions as found in the automotive, aerospace and heavy industry markets.

In signing up for the test drive, users can gain experiences in Hyper Works on the cloud and in the utilization of nanoFluidX.

Sign up here to get a 48-hour free trial access to nanoFluidX.