nanoFluidX - Features

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  • Particle-based (SPH) fluid dynamics simulation
  • Meshless method to simulating complex fluid flow
  • Superior performance due to high-density GPU computing
  • Well suited for elaborated powertrain applications – gearboxes, crankshafts, etc.


The particle-based nature of the nanoFluidX code allows for an elegant and efficient approach to flows which undergo high deformation during the simulation, such as sloshing, violent multiphase flows or rapid movement through complex geometry.

• Simplified pre-processing
Mesh in a classic sense is not needed. Import the geometry, select the element and generate the particles. No more hours of pre-processing and devising a good-enough mesh.
• GPU computing
The nanoFluidX team has been recognized as an NVidia Elite solution provider, allowing them a competitive edge in terms of code optimization and performance. GPU computing provides a significant performance advantage and power savings with respect to their more cumbersome CPU counterparts. Simulate many rotations of a gear running at thousands of RPM in a matter of days, where classic finite volume CFD methods may require weeks to simulate only a few rotations. nanoFluidX brings you faster pre-processing, advanced GPU technology for minimum simulation time, and easy post-processing. Achieve a reduction in personnel and hardware costs with significantly faster turnaround time.
• High-density ratio multiphase flows
The Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) method of nanoFluidX allows for easy treatment of high-density ratio multiphase flows (e.g. water-air) without additional computational effort. The fluid interfaces are a natural by-product of the SPH method and no additional interface reconstruction is required, thus saving computational time.


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