Modeling & Development

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Unique Selling Proposition

What sets us apart from competitors offering CFD consulting services is our pronounced expertise in modeling and further development.
Commercial software products commonly available on the market soon reach their limits when working on complex flow mechanical assignments. For instance, certain physical processes cannot be directly mapped due to the lack of defined models.
And this is where FluiDyna comes into play: we take over CFD assignments that cannot be solved with conventional CFD software. FluiDyna has the required expertise to develop a model based on current scientific knowledge. This model is tailor-made to our client's specific requirements. It can be used in-house by our client in order to calculate and solve their individual CFD challenges.

OpenFOAM® Expertise
Working on modeling and further development tasks, we use OpenFOAM®, an open source tool box.
Indeed, many users do work with the standard version of OpenFOAM®. However, only a very few companies have the required knowledge on how to put together certain modules of this overall tool box and how to modify and develop them in order to solve a specific challenge efficiently. We belong to this small range of experts.
Here is a typical example - a project we are currently dealing with. This project is about modeling condensation phenomena. OpenFOAM® does not offer a suitable model for any such a scenario. This is why FluiDyna, based on available scientific knowledge, is currently developing a model that will later allow our client to calculate and model condensation phenomena. We generate the meshing part with "Spider". The graphical formatting of our simulation results is done with the post-processor "ParaView".
Since we work with open source fluid dynamics simulation software, our clients benefit from cost advantages. Moreover, open source software allows us to work directly with the source code - we can change it or add entirely new enhancements.

Tailor-made solutions for our customers

We can offer you a tailor-made solution which goes way beyond the classic range of commercial CFD software packages currently available on the market. Consequently, our tools will help you solve your very own fluid dynamic challenges.