With IBM at the ISC


With IBM at the ISC

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FluiDyna is present at the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC) which takes place in Frankfurt on 13 – 15 July. We present our current project with IBM, which is to work Culises on the new OpenPOWER platform. At the IBM booth we showcase OpenFOAM-based flow simulations, for the first time computed on OpenPOWER and accelerated with Culises.

The objective of the OpenPOWER foundation to customize POWER CPU processors to work with GPUs in order to accelerate high-performance computing (HPC). OpenFOAM is the go-to tool for one of the most costly HPC applications: numerical flow simulation. FluiDyna’s tool Culises significantly accelerates OpenFOAM by using GPUs for the computationally most intensive tasks. Together with IBM we have ported Culises to the OpenPOWER system, now running as one of the first HPC applications on POWER 8 CPUs and NVIDIA TESLA GPUs. The benchmarks conducted so far have shown a significant speed-up compared to merely using CPUs, which at least matches the speed-up achieved against CPUs from other manufacturers.

Thus FluiDyna opens the portfolio to OpenPOWER, offering Culises as one of the first OpenPOWER compatible applications.