FluiDyna offers INVIDIA® Grid 2.0/2.1 and new GPUs


FluiDyna offers INVIDIA® Grid 2.0/2.1 and new GPUs

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FluiDyna will offer NVIDIA Grid 2.0/2.1 and the new graphic cards (GPUs) NVIDIA Tesla M60 and NVIDIA Tesla M40.

The virtual dektop infrastructure NVIDIA®Grid 2.0 provides a two times higher user density and performance than the precedent product Grid 1.0. So, 128 users per server are possible. The Maxwell-powered GPUs NVIDIA Tesla M6 and NVIDIA Tesla M60 allow a double performance compared to the precedent software. Furthermore, users can virtualize each desktop applications on Grid 2.0. Applications which run on a physical desktop can now also run on Grid 2.0. The virtual platform supports blade servers. Additionally, it isn’t limited to the Windows operation system, but also allows the usage of Linux.The first software update – Grid 2.1 – includes the utilization of Windows 10. It extends Linux support on VMware and gives a Linux tech preview for Citirx Xen server 6.5.

NVIDIA Tesla M40

Besides the GPU NVIDIA Tesla M6 und M60, FluiDyna will also offer NVIDIA Tesla M40, a extremly fast graphic card for deep learning training. The training of alternative deep learning models often takes many days or weeks. Thus, accelerating the implementation process means a loss of accuracy. The graphic card NVIDIA Tesla M40 solves this problem because it accelerates the training, using the deep learning software Caffe and the internet browser Torch. Thus, NVIDIA Tesla M40 creates models within only a few days.