FluiDyna launches highly efficient CFD software


FluiDyna launches highly efficient CFD software

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nanoFluidX und ultraFluidX are the new CFD technologies of FluiDyna, which the company releases together with its partner Altair. nanoFluidX was launched at the end of September 2015 and ultraFluidX will be launched in 2016. The CFD software technologies utilize graphics processing unit (GPU) technology for fast, large-scale computation. „Thus, we offer our clients highly efficient software products which severly reduce time and effort for simulations“, says Dr. Thomas Indinger, CEO of FluiDyna.

nanoFluidX is a Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH)-based fluid dynamics simulation tool which predicts flow in complex geometries. For example, nanoFluidX can be used to calculate the oiling in powertrain systems with rotating shafts or gears and to analyze forces and torques on individual components of the system. An important advantage of SPH is the meshless nature of the method – no cumbersome grid generation is necessary.

ultraFluidX is a simulation tool for ultra-fast prediction of the aerodynamic properties of passenger and heavy-duty vehicles as well as for the evaluation of building and environmental aerodynamics. The software is based on the Lattice Boltzmann Method and is optimized for GPU technology. Thereby, simulations can be performed within just a few hours on a single workstation.