Culises - Testing and Licensing

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Culises is subject to license conditions. We generally offer annual rental licenses that include two hours of installation support as well as all available upgrades during the rental period in the basic license fee. Additional support is available via our OpenFOAM® support packages which also include support for Culises in case of an existing license. Moreover, quarterly rental licenses are available for new customers at a reduced price of 25% of the annual license fee. Licenses for academic and non-commercial use are available with a discount of 50%.

Additionally, each annual license of Culises can be purchased in a bundle with an NVIDIA® Tesla® GPU with a discount of 35% on the retail price. The total price of Culises depends on the number of GPUs to be used as well as on the chosen support package. We are looking forward to receive your inquiries regarding a customized quotation.

Furthermore, we offer the possibility to try out Culises free of charge on our purpose-built workstation, where Culises is already pre-installed together with OpenFOAM® 2.2.2 and 2.3.0. The workstation is equipped with 2 NVIDIA® Tesla® K40 GPUs, 2 NVIDIA® Tesla® K20X GPUs, 2 Intel® Xeon® E5-2650 CPUs (8 cores per CPU, clock speed 2 GHz, Sandy Bridge architecture with AVX support) and 96 GB main memory. Other versions of OpenFOAM® can be pre-installed as well upon request.

Just send an e-mail to to get an account on the workstation to determine the acceleration potential of Culises for your individual OpenFOAM® application.