Culises - Features and System requirements

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Current release - Version 1.2

General features

  • Interface to OpenFOAM®, support for scalar systems
  • Multi-GPU support intra-node and inter-node
  • Single precision or double precision available

Available Krylov subspace and multigrid methods

  • Solvers: PCG, PBiCG, GMRES, AMG
  • Smoothers: GS, DIC, DILU, ILU
  • Preconditioners: Jacobi, DIC, DILU, AMG

System Requirements

The system requirements for version 1.2 are a Linux-based operating system, OpenFOAM®, CUDA with version 5.0 or higher and at least one GPU of type NVIDIA® Tesla® with compute capability 2.0 or higher. We strongly recommend to use Culises together with NVIDIA® Tesla® K80, K40 or K20X GPUs, please also consider our fully pre-configured FluiDyna® Hurricane K40 W and FluiDyna® Hurricane K40/K80 S with Culises and OpenFOAM®.



PCG Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient method
PBiCG Preconditioned Bi-Conjugate Gradient method
GS Gauss-Seidel method
AMG Algebraic Multigrid method
GMRES Generalized Minimum Residual method
DIC Diagonal Incomplete Cholesky method
ILU Incomplete Lower Upper method
DILU Diagonal Incomplete Lower Upper method