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What is Culises?
Culises was developed by FluiDyna GmbH. It is a library containing iterative solvers for systems of linear equations that employs GPU hardware as a computational platform. The iterative solver is executed on the GPUs of the host system. This is why linear equations are solved fast and efficiently.
What is Culises' aim?
Since Culises uses GPU hardware as a computational platform, parallel arithmetic algorithms can be executed extremely quickly. Thus, Culises aims to save both time and money: on the one hand due to the fact that it drastically reduces computing times and on the other hand because various simulation processes can be run simultaneously.

How does Culises work and what kind of potential does it offer to you?
In many sectors of the economy, various processes and correlations are nowadays pictured with systems of linear differential equations. This is, for instance, commonly found in finance and insurance. In engineering, sets of linear differential equations usually describe the characteristics of technical systems and processes, too. 
Computational simulation techniques have become an essential tool for the efficient design and optimization of such systems.
For that purpose, differential equations are discretized resulting in systems of linear equations. These equations are then solved using suitable numerical algorithms.
However, computing times for problems of industrial scale are still high. It is quite common for computing times to accumulate up to several 10.000 CPU hours.
In order to obtain acceptable turn-around times during the development process, it is often necessary to accept the need for cutting back on the detail level of the examined real system's computer model.
For several years it has been possible to accelerate complicated calculations significantly by using GPUs (Graphics Processing Units). GPUs process calculation tasks in a massive-parallel manner with several hundreds of processing units. Since Culises employs GPUs as a computational platform, tasks may be processed much faster. Therefore, Culises has great potential for saving precious overall resources such as time and money. Besides, Culises enables you to execute various simulations at the same time. With Culises, repeated extensive validation of large software packages is not necessary.
Culises may be optimally integrated in established complex development processes. The library is suitable for challenging tasks in various areas. For example, Culises is excellently suited to analyzing product development processes in medical engineering, bioinformatics, molecular dynamics or computational finance. In numerical computational fluid dynamics, Culises enables various simulations of fluid and solid body mechanics to be processed simultaneously and far quicker.

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