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GPU power for OpenFOAM®
Library for GPU-based acceleration of OpenFOAM®
Multi-GPU support, significantly reduced computing times
Highly efficient state-of-the-art iterative solvers like AMG
Quick and easy installation, no validation necessary
Flexible interfaces to customer-specific software/engineering applications available

Culises significantly accelerates your OpenFOAM® application by using GPUs for the computationally most intensive tasks:

The features of Culises include multi-GPU support and several state-of-the-art iterative solvers, smoothers and preconditioners like the Algebraic Multigrid method (AMG) or the Generalized Minimum Residual method (GMRES).

Culises can be installed quickly and the handling in combination with OpenFOAM® is very easy. Only a small change in the fvSolution dictionary is necessary, where the CPU-based version of the linear solver must be replaced by the desired GPU-accelerated version. Thus, Culises can be seamlessly integrated into existing workflows.

The acceleration of the linear solver by Culises is greater than 2x. The overall speedup depends on the type of application and the time spent in the linear solver. Please use the possibility to test Culises on our purpose-built workstation to determine the acceleration potential for your individual OpenFOAM® application.

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