The FluiDyna Tesla™ Preconfigured Clusters deliver supercomputing performance at a lower energy consumption, lower overall cost and use fewer systems than standard CPU-only clusters.
These clusters are powered by the NVIDIA® Tesla™ and based on the CUDA massive-parallel architecture. With up to 24 GB of memory per GPU, support for IEEE 754 single and double floating point precision, and a fast interface to the memory, the computing system speeds the transition to energy-efficient parallel computing and scales to solve the world's most important scientific challenges more quickly and accurately.
We offer several configurations of the Tesla preconfigured clusters and we can customize them to your needs.

CUDA™ ApplicationsThe CUDA™-based Tesla™ GPUs provide accelerations up to 250x on applications ranging from MATLAB to computational fluid dynamics, molecular dynamics, quantum chemistry, imaging, signal processing and bio-informatics, just to name a few.

GPU Software Development Tools
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