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Our powerful software products are highly efficient tools for challenging tasks in the fields of numerical simulation and data processing.

All our software packages are leveraging the power of NVIDIA GPUs to massively accelerate your workflow thus saving time and money. We are the only NVIDIA Elite Solution Provider for Accelerated Computing in Central Europe, which indicates our outstanding expertise in the field of GPU computing.

If you need assistance with the simulation or have a complex fluid mechanical problem, our Consulting Team is happy to help. Learn more.

ultra-fast CFD for external aerodynamics
  • Fast and easy case setup
  • Short turnaround times
  • Integrated preprocessing
Particle-based fluid simulation using GPUs
  • Complex geometries
  • Meshless approach
  • Rotating gears
GPU power for OpenFOAM®
  • GPU-based acceleration of OpenFOAM®
  • Efficient state-of-the-art iterative solvers
  • Interface to customer-specific software available
3x speed-up for flow simulations
  • GPU acceleration of incompressible flow simulations
  • Interface to OpenFOAM®

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