CFD Consulting Overview

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FluiDyna combines extensive areas of competence in the engineering disciplines of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and thermodynamics.
We are proud to position ourselves among the acknowledged specialists in this field.
Our services
Our range of CFD consulting services comprises three thematic components:
1. R&D within the context of development mandates
2. Customer-specific CFD projects
3. Personnel services
Our areas of competence
Our CFD expertise is divided into:
1. "Classical" CFD consulting
We offer our clients from various industries "classical", traditional CFD consulting. What this means is that our customers approach us with their specific fluid flow problem. Our experts then take over all the required flow calculations and work on a physical solution. Finally, we formulate recommendations for our customers from the acquired results. For these kinds of projects, we use OpenFOAM® in its publicly available standard version.
2. Modeling and further development
However, we do not only use existing CFD software. What differentiates us fundamentally from other consulting companies in the CFD market is our strong expertise in modelling and further development whenever software available on the market is no longer sufficient for solving complex fluid flow challenges. We are able to create tools that enable our customers to advance their calculations.
Our OpenFOAM® know-how is excellent. Should you wish to opt for an open source solution instead of a commercial product, we would be glad if you were to get us on board in order to align and optimize your process integration. Besides considerable cost advantages, you will benefit from our capability to work directly within the source code. Thanks to our expertise in this field, we are able to develop the source code further.
In-house CFD tools: GPU-powered simulations
FluiDyna has developed several in-house CFD software packages. These solutions are "nanoFluidX" and "ultraFluidX", GPU based software for flow simulations. Find out more on our CFD Software page.

Please contact us

We are pleased to attend to any of our customers requests and are proud to offer a solution to complex fluid mechanical problems.


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