Analysis of vehicle air circulation

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Aerodynamical simulations with a standard geometry

The project "DrivAER" started on the initiative of the premium vehicle manufacturers AUDI AG and BMW AG. The project was led by the Institute of Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics of Technische Universität München and supported by the Bavarian Research Foundation. It aimed on determining a standard geometry both for wind tunnel and numerical experiments.

In order to design a standard geometry considering the fundamental characteristics of today's cars, our construction engineers needed to create an interpolated model of the AUDI A4 and BMW 3-series. 

These efforts resulted in the so-called "DrivAER". It is perfectly designed and particularly well-suited for benchmarks such as the validation of CFD codes through results from wind tunnel tests.

Compared with previous bodies (Ahmed body, SAE-boday etc.), the DrivAER's final shape closely resembled the form of standard vehicles.

There are three versions of the DrivAER: a station wagon, a saloon and a coupe.

FluiDyna conducted the calculations of the geometry as a 1:2,5 saloon model with both moving wheels and floor. After that, we compared results accuracy in terms of drag and lift coefficients. We were able to prove yet again that our open source solutions are on a par with anything and everything in the commercial product category.