About us

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Our company name: FluiDyna is a combination of “Fluid” and “Dynamics”
FluiDyna GmbH provides a wide range of research and development services. Being comprised of the terms “Fluid” and “Dynamics”, our company name already indicates our know-how and ultimate competitive edge. Outstanding professionals and the hitherto unique linking of different fields enable us to accomplish innovative engineering and beyond.
Specialists in GPU-based High Performance Computing & Computational Fluid Dynamics
Our core expertise lies particularly in the development and application of numerical methods of flow simulation and thermodynamics. Additionally FluiDyna GmbH belongs to the experts within the demanding field of GPU-based High Performance Computing for fluid mechanical problems. FluiDyna provides assistance for both customers who require advice on how to configure a GPU-based supercomputing system, and for companies and institutions with a need for individually programmed, customized software for CFD, modelling and development purposes. Many customers reaching the limits of commercial software approach FluiDyna to create perfectly tailored tools and to take over the simulation and modelling of flow-mechanical challenges.

Mission: reliable, custom-made and excellent results

We handle all projects assigned to us reliably and diligently at each stage of the product development process: from the taking over fundamental research and working out the details of innovative solutions tailored to our customers’ needs and wants, to ultimate series-production readiness of parts and components. We are available for structuring, organizing and implementing complex projects and specific challenges as well as assisting our customers with benchmarking. Throughout our problem-solving process, we always strive for excellent results, "state of the art".

Life at FluiDyna

To ensure and maintain our company’s highest standards we employ highly-qualified, ambitious engineers with extensive professional experience – all of them are renowned experts in their respective specialist areas – or university graduates with outstanding degrees in mechanical engineering, physics, mathematics and information technology/computer sciences.

It goes without saying that our employees keep up to date with the latest technical advancements, developments and future trends by taking part in specific training sessions on a regular basis. To us, "lifelong learning" is not an empty phrase.

Why choose FluiDyna?

Whether CFD consulting, hardware or HPC software, by choosing FluiDyna, you are opting for an extremely competent and reliable partner which has already convinced numerous reputable customers. Projects assigned to us are executed in a highly innovative and flexible manner, setting the foundation for a successful long-term cooperation.
In addition, we offer first-rate research and development expertise in the area of fluid dynamics, ultimately enabling our customers to implement their product development processes more efficiently while saving costs.